Youthy – Terms & Conditions

The Youthy Terms and Conditions

We create a fun and safe environment for the children, that is full of positivity and support for the children. We aim to guide the youths into making the right choices in life.

We aim to encourage youths to understand their responsibility out in the community.

We can provide work experience for senior youths who may be thinking of having a career in childcare.

Safeguarding the children is a must and we do so at a high standard.

We promote treating people with:

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Not judging others

All staff and volunteers must help create a safe space for each child, with agreeing to the following:

  1. Treat children with respect
  2. Respect confidentiality
  3. Welcome and include new youths
  4. No inappropriate sexual language
  5. No indecent images to be taken
  6. Avoid gossiping
  7. Respect others personal space
  8. No swearing or bullying or abusive behaviour
  9. No drugs or alcohol before or during each session
  10. Make sure online content is appropriate
  11. Not to make assumptions about people’s gender/ sexual orientation

Broken rules:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Asked to leave a session if others are becoming harmed or effected by their behaviour
  3. Parents called
  4. Some maybe suspended from the club if a more serious case was to happen
  5. Situations will be reviewed on a regular bases

Policies and procedures:

Volunteers are often recruited by making checks on their suitability to work with children.


– Written ref

– Dbs checks

–  child safeguarding course

– first aid course

 We will always support our staff if they come across a child who is suffering abuse.

If an accusation is made against a volunteer, then it will be looked into, and further steps will be made if we feel necessary. Record information and pass it on to the DSL who will then pass it on to the relevant agency.

At The Youthy we avoid being alone with a child at anyone time, also giving children a lift home and offering them into your home. It is good practice to avoid such situations.

Safeguarding policy

All staff will be responsible to follow the 5Rs

  5. REFER

Staff must report all concerns to the DSL.